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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. brace yourself for the big, bold taste tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. tragedy in paradise. tonight, the search is called off for bay area man, swallowed by a blow hole in maui good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. this just in tonight, the developing news in santa clara. might be the biggest score of his career, and it has nothing to do with football. joe montana wooed the city council tonight. the city leaders awarded montana
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exclusive rights to develop a multimillion dollar hotel and entertainment complex across the street from the 49ers proposed new stadium. but why did the city council go against the recommendation of the city manager? we bring in george kiriyama. he's a bay area legend, but did he just get a free pass tonight? >> reporter: free pass, no, not everyone agreed. but talking to joe montana and his group, in fact, the city manager as well as city council members thought it would be best to open it up to everyone and get a competitive bid process going. but in the end, the city council voted 5-1 and thought hey, let's give joe montana a chance and talk exclusively with him for the next 18 months. what did you think of the vote? >> always good to win. but we're a long way from the process. >> reporter: joe montana certainly knew what it took to win on the football field.
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the hall of famer quarterback has now won over the hearts and minds of the santa clara city council. >> first of all, i just want to say thank you. >> reporter: his proposal, to build a luxury hotel across the street from the proposed 49ers stadium. >> i think it's a great thing, lit be a great location for any facility over in these two pieces of property. >> reporter: the mont group would like to see a sports bar, a restaurant and hotel build on two empty city lots of land. they ask the council to deal with their group exclusively for 18 months. >> i'm just proud to be a part of all of this. and i don't think 18 months is too much to give someone who work sod hard for us. >> reporter: the mayor says sometimes you have to take a chance. [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: now, the montana group says it would love to have its hotel, restaurant and sports bar up and running when and if this stadium opens. they say to have everything open on opening day would be the ultimate experience. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> george, were other groups interested in competing with montana? do we hear from him and what's the response there the city council tonight? >> reporter: tonight at the city council, we heard a couple of international chain hotels but no one specifically came up. >> george kiriyama reporting live tonight from santa clara. thank you, george. well, searchers have abandoned any hope of finding a man who fell into a blow hole along the maueri shoreline. david pots fell into the blow hole while on vacation with his wife and newborn. it happened saturday afternoon. hawaii crews called off their
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search today and his wife and baby are headed home to the bay area later this week. monty, i understand that sadly they were getting a respite from some difficult time there is in hawaii. >> reporter: that's right, and we'll get to that part of the story in a second. but we're told that accidents on that particular spot on the island are considered rare. family members told me this accident happened in just a matter of seconds. they are still in hawaii, so we spoke to them by phone tonight. family members say 44-year-old david pots was on vacation with his wife and 6-month-old son to give her time to recover from chemo therapy treatment from breast cancer, a diagnosis she received after their son was born. the trip was meant to be a respite for her before surgery. >> so this trip was a way to relax and reset before getting back to the challenges ahead. >> reporter: on saturday, david
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and his brother-in-law visited the northern most point of maui, famous for its waterspouts. this video shows just how powerful the waves there can be. >> a big blow hole came up and sprayed me and sprayed him. i said, david, that's a big one and before i could even get the full phrase out, he looked over his shoulder and the wave was on him. i did my best to reach out and i watched him disappear. >> reporter: dade potts worked as a contractor. his family says he always had a smile and that he was a supportive and kind husband. father and friend. >> we lost a great person on saturday and my heart is broken, for my sister, my heart is broken for their baby boy. >> reporter: david's wife wrote on facebook, david brought so much joy into your lives. i don't have the right words.
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my heart is broken. this will be difficult, but with such a wonderful group of friends and family, we can make it through. david would have wanted that. and the coast guard spent four days searching and called off that search earlier today. i'm told the family will be heading back to the bay area on thursday night. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> such a tragic turn of events. the u.s. coast guard has called off its search for seven missing northern california fishermen. the boat capsized over the july fourth holiday weekend. 44 men, some of them life long friends, took the trip every year. many of them managed to survive on their own in the water. crews scoured the sea of cortez for the missing with no luck. crews confirmed the death of leslie yi soon after. a dive team is slated to go down to the missing ship. check your debit card, especially if you're a city bank
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customer. olice arrested two men sunday afternoon near an atm in pleasant hill. they were carrying guns, tens of thousands in cash and hundreds of fake debit cards. investigators believe they gain lt access to personal i.d. numbers. they made their own cards, went to atms and started making withdrawals. a jury convicted james mitchell of first degree murder. mitchell kidnapped the couple's 1-year-old daughter from her home, all happening on the girl's first birthday. mitchell was caught five hours later. now mitchell is facing life in prison. mitchell, as we said, is heir to
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the mitchell family porn and strip club business. an oakland parolee is charged with murder in the shooting death of a high school senior. the 17-year-old was killed may 25th while riding his bicycle. he planned to go to college and wrote about ending gang violence for his senior project. it's a hot button debate, is wearing saggy pants a crime? a star football player from san francisco will find out tomorrow. police arrested him last month after he was kicked off a flight for refusing to pull up his pants. police suggested that marmonbe charged with resisting arrest. several civil rights groups are involved in the case, part of a
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protest at san francisco city hall today. they say the flight crew singled him out because of the color of his skin. us airways maintain its it's up to the flight crew's discretion. cutting class is going to be costly. concord students will be fined this fall. kids caught out in public during school hours will get a warping and then be given higher fines up to $500. if parts know the kids are cutting class, they can be fined, too. the curfew could go into effect as early as august 23rd when school starts. up next, a woman's revenge. lorena bobbit style. the california housewife that does the unthinkable. the baggage fees, booking fees, tonight, though, we show you the million dollar movement they're making that could be
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putting your safety at risk. we go behind the scenes at tonight's live edition of "america's got talent." we'll show you the judges and contestants. and good evening. our super cold blast continues across the bay area. numbers some 20 to 30 degrees below average. only 66 in danville today. the fog will be continuing tomorrow, as far south as s jose. and we'll talk about some major june records. are in a it is quite astonishing, coming up. .
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18 years ago, it was lorena bobbit. tonight, it's a southern california woman in jail accused of cutting off her husband's penis. the 48-year-old catherine becker is accused of poisoning her husband, tying him up, cutting off his penis and throwing it in the garbage disposal. she told officers "he deserved it." >> to me it's a shock. she doesn't look like the type
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of person that would do something like that. >> she never seemed angry or anything. >> reporter: what neighbors didn't know is her husband filed for divorce back in may. becker is now being held in jail facing charges of aggravated mayhem, which can carry a life sentence. doctors say her husband is in good condition. the case is closed, but the fallout continues. a juror is in hiding tonight. juror number 12 from the casey anthony trial apparently quit her job at a grocery store and has left florida all together. in fact, she's fled florida. she's in hiding out of fear of retaliation from those angry -- many people that are angry that anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter. the 60-year-old woman's husband told nbc news she would rather go to jail than be a juror. you step on an airplane in this country and there are things you take for grant it.
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that the pilot is trained and the airport is well maintained. would it surprise you outside of the united states things aren't so clear? yet when something goes wrong, you might be surprised who is being blamed. garvin thomas goes in depth with the story for anyone heading overseas. >> reporter: it is a little known fact in the big money world of aviation. what is painted on the tail often has nothing to do with the name on the title. >> about one half of all the commercial traffic out there is leased. these are expensive aircraft, the leases are profitable. there's a lot at stake here. >> reporter: a lot at stake in more ways than one. jerry stearns is an attorney and
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a lawsuit just filed has caught his attention. ilfc was the owner of a yemeni air jet that crashed in the indian ocean in 2009, killing off but one passenger. the suit against ilfc claims yemeni air had such a poor and well documented safety record that they were negligent in leasing them an aircraft. it is very similar to a land mark $165 million settlement sterns helped win of the families of the victims of this april 2002 air philippines crash. >> it averaged out $1.5 million per passenger. >> reporter: in that case, sterns and others did not go after the foreign company flying the plane, but aar, the american company leasing it to them. you see, after being flown for more than 30 years by southwest airlines, the boeing 737 had been retired to an arizona bone yard.
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a kind of airplane graveyard where old jets go to be picked over for parts or scrapped. but this plane didn't stay. it was bought by aar, then leased to the startup philippine carrier. the lawsuit even uncovered an inspection done of the plane and the inspector's conclusion, that the deal was risky. >> basically he said yeah, it can be flown. but it's going to ining be mai intensive. he then said i don't think this company has the resources or the background to do this. >> reporter: but the deal was done. and a year later the plane crashed on approach, and 131 people were killed, including marsha dejesus. >> marsha was 35 when we lost her. when you meet her, she's the friendliest girl you'll ever meet. these are the pieces of the
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plane. >> reporter: maria, dejesus' mother, keeps bits of the plane. she believes that aar was irresponsible and that travelers, particularly those not traveling on first world airlines, should be aware. tom renalt is an aviation consultant. he says the threat that airlines across the world are flying unsafe aircraft is overbloep, and simply the result of lawyers unable to sue overseas carriers. >> i think that law school 101, you look for anybody that has anything to do with it and go after the deep pockets. >> reporter: stearns, as you might imagine, says that's not the case. his clients, he says, deserve the money, just like all travelers deserve the truth. >> it's a risk. you don't want to fly around on
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unsafe airplanes. >> reporter: particularly maria believes in the partest corners of the world. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> now we contacted attorneys for both leasing companies mentioned in the report. but we didn't get a chance. so if you are thinking of flying overseas, the faa does have a list of countries it thinks doesn't meet minimum aviation safety standards. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. it's been kind of a mild week. any changes coming up? >> well, eventually some beach weather. it's been cooler than average in the east bay but not nearly as cold as it was in june. the final numbers are in, and sit astonishing when you look at some of the highlights here. the wettest june on record ever, as we had two very rare rain events. the most recent one broke
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rainfall records set back over a hundred years ago and this makes the fifth consecutive month in a row with below average temperatures. the la nina pattern is starting to weaken, so hopefully we'll start to stabilize. 73 in napa, and right now everyone pretty much in the 50s and 60s. so another cold night on tap. you can expect more flight delays tomorrow at san francisco international airport. and wednesday, you'll have to the wait for hours to get in or strong sunshine. we have this trough of low pressure, bringing cooler air in the upper levels of the atmosphere. so this fog pattern is not going to break here, at least over the next 48 hours.
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we can expect 70s inland and coastline 50s and 60s. here it is at 5:00 a.m. fog from the east bay and south bay. drizzle expected, as well. and anyone traveling out the north bay, very slick roads and we're not going to see that sun start to break out until about 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. but we still should have sunshine tomorrow. however, those numbers are going to be well below average. look at this, 76 in gilroy. just 73 in san jose and 73 in livermore. so way off the mark here. not only for the coastline, but well inland here. alamo, you're looking at mid 70s. 75 in pittsburgh and concord and napa and sonoma valleys, low 70s. morning time on the weather channel on cable, we stay in fog
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and afternoon sun right through friday. by next monday and tuesday, close to 90 inland. that's more like it and looking at possibly beach weather by next monday and tuesday. >> sounds good. >> we'll take it. it all came down to the bsorin ilsoof the baants. n ck in a moment. . these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one!
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america's hit show is turning up the heat with live shows and then the danger factor. >> it's crazy, because is being
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a headlining act in vegas and having $1 million worth your life? apparently the answer is yes. >> referring to the woman who did flips over a bed of fire with paramedics standing by. we asked the judge it is they had any favorites. >> not allowed to have favorites this early? >> no, you're not. an official nbc note. >> it is time for america to vote tomorrow night. only four of the groups wheil t to the semifinals. we're moving on to sports after the break. .
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welcome back to nbc bay area. baseball's best of the best slugging it out for bragging rights and homefield advantage in the world series. phoenix was the place to be tonight for the midsummer classic. 82nd all-star game from chase field. matt cain, ryan vogelsong and tim lincecum, they did not play in the came. bottom of the 4th, 1-0, prince fielder says go and get this. homers off the top of the fence in left center. three-run shot.
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bottom of the 7th, 4-1, pablo sandoval, panda has been red hot. that's over the fence for the double and it's 5-1 national league. bottom of the 8th, the a's, gonzalez gets his turn, strikes out jay bruce. top of the 9th, fear the beard, baby. brian wilson gets konerko to ground into the game-ending play. 5-1 is your final. our jamie wraps it up live from phoenix. >> reporter: henry, last year when the giants won the world series, they talked about how important it was to have games one and two at at&t park. if they're lucky tough to get back there this season, homefield advantage will once again belong to the giants. >> that's what everybody in this locker room should be talking and, their team having homefield
11:29 pm
advantage, provided they can make the postseason. >> it really benefits you. so that was part of the message, how important it was for us and how important the game was to do it again for the national league champion. they played well, we pitched well. >> that's what we come here for, just for that reason. and guys put themselves in a position to do so. the last couple of years, everybody has done their part and that's just fun to see guys doing it but potential enemies at the same time. >> reporter: i talked to ryan vogelsong as his first all-star game. he said it was amazing and the best part was spending it time with his family. now we go to kate longworth and geo gonzalez. >> he may have had the loudest
11:30 pm
cheers, he brought his own fan club, his entire family from florida here in arizona for the all-star experience. and after the game, they joined me right here on the field to relive what he called a dream come true. >> nothing but goose bumps. i had all excitement. you know, my family was here, my friends and stuff like that. i was just excited to hear my name called. when i got on that mound, it was even more chill trying to represent, just doing it for oakland. >> very, very emotional. that's your blood, you know. it's a big dream. every father wishes that. and to make the last out, it's exciting. >> reporter: he's one of the last players to leave chase field and he just looked around and said i don't want to leave, i want to keep reliving this moment. >> thanks, kate. by the way, giants take on the padres on thursday.
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a's and angels on friday. enough of this baseball all-stars. back to our all-stars in the media. jessica and ra thank you very . >> thanks, henry. back in a moment. ,
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here we go, he was peppered with questions tonight but still gave no definitive answer. the future of baseball in oakland and san jose remains unclear. it's been more than two years since bud selig organized the blue ribbon panel to investigate a proposed move by the a's to san jose. last november we asked selig if he's made a decision. tonight he was asked the same question. his answer? he's still reviewing the options. it's taking him a long time. that's for sure. thanks for joining us tonight. >> that's going to do it for us. see you tomorrow. bye-bye. from "saturday night live,"